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2024 Night Of Hope

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Earthly Dwellings mission is to partner with local churches and communities to provide sustainable housing solutions for at risk individuals and families

Who we are and What we do

Earthly Dwellings is a Faith Based 501 (C3) Non-profit program developer with a vision to provide affordable housing solutions for individuals and families that have graduated life skills training. Earthly Dwellings partners with local churches, non-profits, community Chambers of Commerce as well as businesses that wish to support our mission enabling us to earn their charitable financial support.


"Profits" from our building ventures are reinvested as "seed money" to fund Communities of Hope (CoH). 


Click Here to learn more about our CoH initiative. 

Earthly Dwellings & CoH Goals

  •  Equip churches with tools to engage their communities hurting and 


Kingdom Goal: 

Empower local congregations and ministries to walk alongside families in a practical manner that promotes Kingdom Relationships and Community Restoration. 

Help - Healing - Hope

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We help churches get active in helping the body of Christ.

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Healing through community and Jesus.

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Hope in Jesus Christ.

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What makes us different?

Earthly Dwellings is different from other similar organizations by our commitment to partner with the church to be involved in the development and prosperity in the lives of people and invest in local communities.

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Determine housing needs in the community

Game Plan

Develop plan for building and what churches, ministries and/or, business will sponsor community needs


Aquire property to begin development 

The Church

We facilitate the church beginning to disciple and transform the lives of the local community

The Release

We release "the Church" to be over the transformation and development of their community through better living standards and discipling life skills.

The Big

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Give to Earthly Dwellings to help us provide housing for those in need and provide us with the tools needed to equip the church to advance the Kingdom of God!

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