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This is a simplified model of an individual's and/or family's life cycle from crisis to thriving.   It shows an example of  how Earthly Dwellings is able to assist once they reach a safe place in their journey.  Earthly Dwellings can help provide the neccessary tools to get them to a thriving place while building a safe  community including support and resources.

The Strategy

Boss and employee or exclusion of a pers

Find Community Leader

More info coming soon!

Architect at work_edited.jpg

Plan for building

More info coming soon!

girl friends hands piled togethger_edite

Access different needs in community

More info coming soon!

Building a House_edited.jpg

Build the Home!!

More info coming soon!

The Black Church _edited.jpg

Engage with local churches and build momentum

More info coming soon!

view of two persons hands_edited.jpg

Move in family & equip churches to pour into these people

More info coming soon!

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