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Create and build a safe home environment that promotes spiritual growth, family growth, and healthy living through community, strengthening the family’s ability to “Turn Generational Curses into Generational Blessings.”


To see healthy, God fearing families find hope and healing as the Bride of Christ serves as the hands and feet of Jesus

Why Earthly Dwellings?

Earthly Dwellings is a commissioned resource that partners with churches burdened for assisting those within the Body of Christ that are facing short term life challenges like "the Acts 6 church."

Earthly Dwellings properties provide safe and low cost rent options to churches that serve as a compliment to their current discipleship and mentoring programs and offer "tiered" rental incentives based on participation level. 

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Give to Earthly Dwellings to help us provide housing for those in need and provide us with the tools needed to equip the church to advance the Kingdom of God!

Building Homes


There are various ways you can volunteer to help Earthly Dwellings, visit the volunteer page to learn more.

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Help us share the mission of Earthly Dwelling across the nation to help us equip churches to provide housing and discipleship to transform lives!

Help - Healing - Hope

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We help churches activate their discipleship programs for people facing temporary housing needs

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Healing is Jesus, and partnership with Earthly Dwellings allows us to be His hands and feet in your community

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We promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ in desire to bring hope to the sons and daughters of Christ.

"Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine,
you did for me." 
Matthew 25:40

What makes us different?

Earthly Dwellings is different from other similar organizations by our commitment to partner with the church to be involved in the development and prosperity in the lives of people and invest in local communities.



Provide affordable housing


Facilitate and equip the local church & community to actively engage and provide discipleship in people's lives


Be a resource guide for the local communities of different Kingdom minded churches, ministries, businesses, etc.


Create unity in communities by coming together under one goal - to better people's lives


Prioritize and/or create Kingdom business transaction (support local Christians)

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Determine housing needs in the community

Game Plan

Develop plan for building and what churches, ministries and/or, business will sponsor community needs


Aquire property to begin development 

The Church

We facilitate the church beginning to disciple and transform the lives of the local community

The Release

We release "the Church" to be over the transformation and development of their community through better living standards and discipling life skills.

The Big

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